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2017-10-28 09:33:08

Fashion Forward Dubai

 2017-Oct-28    Admin Admin

2018 Dubai While New York fashion is taking time for a nap. Dubai design district today is at the forefront of fashion style line. Fashion Forward Dubai opening day is likely the fashion event hot pot at large of UAE.
Dubai fashion future's demonstrations this year will enable visitors to witness fresh innovative ideas. They spoil people with “Bangkok underground DIRYTRIS”, “London meets ShangHai party style”, "Wear a piece of HOME", "Toky Watch”, “Japan sophistication with a little pocket”, “Lebanon high fashion”, “Sri Lankan cotton based garments”, “little Milan handcraft”, “masculine female fashion”. The objective of Dubai fashion future is to become a future original than only a copy or a fast food fashion taste. In fact, the combination of fashion and design talk can create more happiness, but fashion can also express darkness. A Beirut young fashion designer is using 3D printing technology to unveil the power of subconscious mind, which it reaches a new complexity.
The runway inside and the runway outside of different levels, both are shining brightly. It's showcasing its range of collections from laid back to glamour. Buyers from Japan appear more genuine than some obviously superficials. We must learn who is gold, and who is gold plated in the fashion d3 preview.
FFWD exhibitions halls offer flexible spaces for some large and luxury brand and small new coming brand. Boom&Mellow presents their most precious and semi-precious jewelries and gifts. The best absolutely eye-catching Sana Osmani unique resort wear redefines elegance and inspiration. Sana embraced her love for the “Journey” and passions on to each piece. One creative space for design variation is not to over look. LimeLite dazzes the whole jewelry corner. Take a peek, discover the story behind each piece and evoke your feelings in the design brand world. Don't miss out AMATO COUTURE, which means 'beloved' in Italian, treat yourself with their gorgeous collecion with a sense of the divine.
Thank you all sponsoring and support that help Fashion Forward Dubai drive the fashion industry!
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